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What is the KENNA Foundation?

The KENNA Foundation is a 501C3  unique charity providing medical and non-medical assistance to children with various degrees of special needs. Unlike other charitable organizations, the Kenna Foundation partners with families to identify gaps in their child's healthcare and we connect them with community resources at no charge.

At KENNA Foundation, we believe that everyone has a voice and  valuable insight which shoudl be seen and heard. Our mission is to offer children with special needs the opportunity to grow, learn, thrive, and have fun.


P.A.C.K.S. is our Program All-Inclusive Care for Kids with Special Needs. P.A.C.K.S. provides access to a network of trusted professionals and organizations offering wrap-around healthcare and community services to individuals with developmental disabilities, their immediate caregivers, and siblings. 

P.A.C.K.S. Grant

The P.A.C.K.S. Grant is only available to clients enrolled in our P.A.C.K.S. program. This grant covers expenses not covered by the P.A.C.K.S. program such as: home modifications, wheelchairs, hospital beds, accessible vehicles, etc. At KENNA, we say anything reducing the stress on the family unit and improving the quality of life for the special needs member, we will cover!


The KENNA Grant is an annual grant cycle application for community non-profit organizations servicing individuals with disabilities. We invite eligible organizations located in Colorado that embody our four pillars: uniting communities, empowering families, transforming and enriching the lives of those living with disabilities to apply. 

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