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A KENNA Company

KENNA Nursing Services LLC is a member of the KENNA Company exemplifying excellence, integrity, accessibility, transparency, and innovation within the home healthcare industry.


KENNA Nursing Services provides high quality, affordable nursing services for individuals with disabilities regardless of financial resources.

At KENNA Nursing Services, we believe every life is of one unique design and should be treated with dignity and respect. We are on a mission to eliminate health disparities for those living with developmental disabilities. By partnering with families, we guide and empower them to navigate a complex healthcare system to identify and access resources vital to the well-being of their child. Throughout this process, KENNA Nursing Services fills the gap of home based nursing care offering affordable subscription-based services to meet the needs of our families. 

Why work with KENNA Nursing Services? 


We strive to be a partner you can trust through honest communication and transparent pricing.


Family members are vital partners of the healthcare team. We invite family members to join their loved ones’ multi-disciplinary care team to ensure all care is in the patient’s best interest and in line with their goals.


At KENNA Nursing Services, we believe everyone deserves equal access to quality, compassionate care at an affordable cost.

We offer a subscription-based model of care for a low monthly cost.


At KENNA Nursing Services, we give back to our community. KENNA Nursing Services operates to fund The KENNA FOUNDATION by donating 85% of its revenue to support its Program All-Inclusive Care for Kids with Special Needs (P.A.C.K.S.) providing medical and non-medical grants to children with special needs, their immediate caregivers, and siblings.

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